European Domestic Art Challenge 2021




The Newspaper

Drawings and Video by Melanie Rose Wohlfart



The Death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Music: Amazing Grace - Vocals by Melanie Rose Wohlfart
Paintings: Melanie Rose Wohlfart
Video: Melanie Rose Wohlfart

This is the story of Christ's resurrection to give hope and fortitude during this trying time.
Matthew (26-28) in the Bible.






"Goethe should have known better" - a cartoon by Johannes Eucker
Translation of a quote by Goethe with a photo of the US Capitol being stormed by domestic terrorists, Trump supporters: 
"Despite all of their faults, people are the most benevolent living beings there are. Goethe should have known better."



 "Barbara Branch" by Ulrike Kirschbaum

There is an old tradition, mainly in Germany and Austria, dating back to pre-Christian time but adapted to the Christian religion, to cut a branch off a flowering tree (normally cherry, but it can be from another tree) on December 4th and put it in a vase in a warm room. If the branch blossoms on December 25th, it is a good omen for the future.



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